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Beer Singapore

All About Beer

Beer is arguably the most popular alcoholic beverage to date and the simplicity of its good recipe makes it easy to drink whether it be an intimate or social event. The big four ingredients that make up a beer consists of a high component of water, malted grains, hops and yeast. Other common ingredients include unmalted grains, sugars (brown sugar, cane sugar, honey etc) and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg etc). Additionally, fruits and vegetables (berries, cherries, pumpkins, chili peppers etc) are used to provide flavour, aroma, colour and fermentable sugars. Although some modern bartenders may get a little inspired and brew a new concoction by adding apricot into it, they have not turned their backs entirely on its roots. Oftentimes, plenty of these tried-and-true methods are still very much involved in the brewing process. Those who are new to beers or are not familiar with its processes may think that it’s simple to produce, however, creating a good beer is intricate and complex as brewers need to source good water then proceed to the malting, mashing, lautering, boiling, cooling, fermenting and cellaring process before it is properly packaged. While craft brewing has gained an enormous popularity over the years, all beer ultimately fall into two styles, ales and lagers and the yeast is what helps to differ them. In ales, the yeast gathers toward the top and is often described as aromatic and fruity. Whereas the yeast in lagers gather at the bottom of the tank during fermentation and is usually crisp, clean and refreshing.


A type of ale, stout beers are known for their dark black colour and are made with roasted barley that impart chocolate or coffee flavours. Depending on which, it may yield a mild sweet or bitter coffee taste. It is often aged in wooden barrels for deeper and boozier character.


A subspecies of lagers, pilsners generally have a dry, slightly bitter flavour and are light golden in colour with clear body and crisp finish, which makes it an easy-drinking, popular summer beer.

How To Enjoy Beer

Avoid Frosted Glassware

For starters, using the right glass is extremely crucial when you consume the refreshing beverage. That is because if you pour a perfectly good beer into icy steins, chances are the flavours may be disrupted. Another thing to take note of is how you wash those beer glasses. Ensure that you wash with only clean sponges and rinse with warm water, soap is not needed as that takes the head off the beer.

Pour The Right Way

If you can get a glass instead of drinking directly from the bottle, do so but make sure to give the glass a quick rinse. This results in less friction and less friction means a smoother pour and more fragrant head, which is what you want in a beer. Now the pouring technique involves slow pouring with the glass held at 45-degree angle to the bottle. When poured this way, you will have the beer stream down the mid-section of the side of the glass. This allows the head to form slowly which then gives you that foamy goodness.

Pair With Food

Just like wines and spirits, beer can be enjoyed with food, preferably a light meal as it is a filling beverage. Some of the more common food pairings with an iced cold beer are barbecued meat and fried foods. If your beer is sweet, grapes or cheeses would make a great pairing.

Ordering From Angel’s Share

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