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Whisky Online Singapore

All About Whisky

Whisky is made by distilling grains which are then aged in barrels. The majority of its flavours and aroma profiles are developed because of the contact with the wood from the barrel the whiskey matures in. Other contributors to the unique flavour of a particular whisky would be the type of grain used in the distilling process and the location at which the whisky is made in. The mixture of grains used to make a particular whisky is referred to as its mash. Some commonly used grain in a mash consists of corn, rye, barley and wheat. Some newer distilleries may choose to add other grains such as oats into their mash to create a pleasant, grainy aroma and creamy texture to the final spirit. The unique mixture of grains used combined with the type of wood used for the barrel gives each brand and type of whisky its distinct flavour. Some of the most common types of whisky are single malt whisky, blended scotch whisky and bourbon & rye whisky. These whiskies are named after how it is specially made. A single malt whisky is used to refer to whiskies made in a single distillery. Whereas Blended Scotch whiskies are made by blending one or more single malt Scotch whiskies with one or more single grain Scotch whiskies from different distilleries. On the other hand, Bourbon whiskies are made primarily with corn while rye whiskies are made primarily with rye as the name suggests. Looking for whisky online? At Fine Lees, we carry a variety of whisky types and brands.

Whisky Tasting 101

To truly appreciate whisky, there is a proper way to execute whisky tasting. Prepare a glencairn glass (wider bottom, narrower top) to get good whiff of certain aromas. Whisky tasting is all about differentiating the good from the mediocre, as such it’s all about comparing different whiskies in terms of colour, smell and taste. Once you’ve poured yourself a glass of whisky, gently swirl the whisky around the glass to release its aroma, then take a small whiff and try to detect any scent that comes wafting out. Whiskies can smell fruity, woody and even like the sea – which could deduce a coastal origin. Next, taking notes from your nose, tasting the whisky will help to confirm the scents that you may have detected earlier on. After taking a small sip of whisky, gently swish it around your mouth and try to pick up any emerging flavours and how long those flavours stay on your palate. Swallow the whisky and take another sip to narrow down and ascertain your deductions. And there you have it ladies and gentlemen - a basic guide to whisky tasting. As with all things, practice makes perfect, refine your whisky tasting skills by trying out different whiskies and putting your nose and palate to the test. But do remember to have fun while you’re at it! Your whisky tasting experience is after all subjected to your own preference, there is no right or wrong!

Whisky Delivery Singapore

If you are looking for a whisky delivery Singapore store, Fine Lees carries some of the most popular whiskies and other top-shelf alcohol labels at competitive prices. Enjoy the convenience of having your favourite type and brand of alcohol sent straight to your door on demand. Not sure what is best for you? Feel free to contact our whisky online Singapore store and our friendly team will be happy to make a recommendation based on your event or preferences. All orders must be made and received by persons of legal drinking age. Free delivery applies for orders with a minimum spend of $120. Place your order before 12pm to receive your items the next working day.