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Soju Singapore

All About Soju

Soju is a distilled spirit with relatively low-alcohol content and is regarded as the best-selling liquor in the world. It is treated as a communal drink meant for social occasions and is best paired with food to enhance the flavours. Rice is typically used to produce the beverage, however, it can also be made from other starches such as wheat, barley, sweet potatoes and tapioca. Traditionally, soju has a clean, neutral taste and many often say that it reminds them of vodka. Those who prefer a sweeter edge to their soju would likely opt for the sweet potatoes option as it yields a viscous but delightful taste. Whereas soju made from rice tastes more floral and clean and is typically used for most premium soju brands. Widely compared to vodka, soju can be used as a vodka substitute in cocktails and as such, it can be made in a range of flavours. As opposed to the original soju, flavoured soju can taste like spiked juice and are available in many different flavours including apple, blueberry, citrus, grape, lychee, peach, pineapple, pomegranate and more.

How To Enjoy Soju

Korean Yoghurt Soju Cocktail

This magical potion consists of three ingredients – original flavoured soju, fruit-flavoured or plain yoghurt drink and fizzy soda. Once gathered, mix them well in a pitcher and add some ice cubes. These cocktails can be experimented with all sorts of flavoured yoghurt drinks so it’s unlikely for anyone to make a bad one, even on your first try.


This soju and beer combination are a match-made in heaven for that refreshing, summertime drink. How you create the beverage depends on your own preference and you can easily mix it up with desired alcohol intake. Simply fill three-quarters of a highball glass with your choice of cold beer, then add a shot or two of soju. To combine the soju’s alcohol with the carbonated fizz of the beer, simply get a spoon and tap the bottom of the glass.

Subak Soju

Also known as Soju Watermelon, this easy-to-make cocktail is the perfect concoction for the summer heat. Typically, you would only need equal parts of fresh, blended watermelon juice and soju. This fun drink is often served inside a hollow, seedless watermelon shell with ice cubes. For an extra flavour, you can also topped with lemon-lime soda.

Ordering From Angel’s Share

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