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Vodka Singapore

All About Vodka

Some common main ingredients used to make vodka include fermented grains such as rice, corn, rye, wheat, fruits and molasses. Other ingredients involved in the process include water, malt and yeast that help to break down the main ingredient and produce the alcohol in vodka. To remove impurities, vodka is distilled at least 3 times which is why vodka is a clear liquid. The flavour profile of the vodka depends on the main ingredient used to make the alcoholic beverage. If you are looking for vodka that is creamy and viscous with a clean based flavour, this flavour profile comes from wheat vodka such as Grey Goose & Absolut. Rye-based vodka such as Belvedere is characterised by piquant pepperiness.

How to Enjoy Vodka


The standard way to enjoy vodka is neat. In order not to ruin your vodka experience, it is strongly recommended to use higher quality vodka and to prepare vodka shots appropriately. The most important step when making vodka shots is chilling it. Vodka is chilled best by placing the bottle in the freezer – don’t worry, vodka contains ethanol which has an extremely low freezing point so it will not freeze in conventional freezers. Chilling vodka helps to remove harsh flavours and soften the burn of the alcohol in aroma and on the palate. If you don’t have a freezer, vodka can be chilled by stirring it with ice cubes before being strained into a shot glass.

Vodka Cocktails

If you are not a huge fan of drinking vodka neat, you can make a variety of cocktails with vodka to hide or enhance its flavour. One of the most popular vodka cocktails that you’ve probably heard before is the Bloody Mary. There are many different kinds of vodka cocktails to suit the taste buds of every drinker. For a bright, refreshing drink that hides the taste of alcohol, make drinks like the Cosmopolitan and French Martini. Examples of stronger vodka cocktails you can mix include the Vodka Martini and Vesper. Another way to enjoy vodka is in Highballs such as the Vodka Tonic that is perfect for pairing with food.

Buy Vodka in Singapore

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