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Wine Delivery Singapore

All About Wine

What is wine and how is it made?

Wine is an alcoholic drink made from fermented grapes. Wine grapes are harvested either by hand or machine and fermented in tanks for 5-21 days at a temperature of 20 – 30 °C. The wine will undergo a secondary fermentation. After this the wine is aged in oak barrels (to promote oxidation and enhance aromatic properties) for months to years. Aged wine of different grape varieties are blended together to create the final product. The final wine is filtered and bottled.

Wine grapes – Not Your Average Table Grapes

Vitis vinifera, the species of grape from which wine grapes originate from are smaller, sweeter, more acidic, contain more seeds and produce a smaller yield when compared to the table grapes we are accustomed to eating. There are thousands of grape varieties under the Vitis Vinifera species that produce a wide array of wine selections. Apart from grape varieties, do take note that wine can be broken down into several basic types such as red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine and dessert wine.

The Different Tastes of Wine

Good wines are balanced, this means that all flavour components of the wine are proportionate to one another. When tasting wine, look out for levels of acidity, sweetness, alcohol and bitterness - due to naturally occurring tannins in grape skins and seeds. Aside from these basic flavour components, the fermentation and aging process produces a range of unique flavours in wine such as nutty, fruity and floral flavours. Since most wines are aged in oak barrels, it is common to detect hints of vanilla in them too.

How to Enjoy Wine

When it comes to drinking wine, technique is everything. First and foremost, your wine should fill up between ⅓ to ½ of your glass. When drinking wine from stemmed glasses, your thumb, middle finger and index finger should be holding on to the length of the stem while the rest of your fingers lightly support the base to prevent the wine from being warmed by your hands. Before taking a sip, make sure to swirl the wine to allow the wine to oxygenate and unlock its aromas. Next, put your nose to work and take a few whiffs of the wine and let those aromas sink in. Now it’s finally time to taste the wine. Take small, slow sips and swirl the wine in your mouth and let your palate gauge all the flavours in the wine. Ideally, red wines are best paired with red meat as the tannins in wine break down red meat protein and enhance the flavour of fats. White wine should be paired with fish and chicken because the acid in wine enhances the taste of the fish, giving it a fresher taste. Sweet wines such as dessert wine complements sweet food such as cakes and tarts.

Quality Wholesale Wine

If you are looking for wine delivery, Angel’s Share carries some of the most popular Wines and other top-shelf alcohol labels at competitive prices. Enjoy the convenience of having alcohol sent straight to your door on demand. Not sure what is best for you? Feel free to contact us and our friendly team will be happy to make a recommendation based on your event or preferences. All orders must be made and received by persons of legal drinking age. Free delivery applies for orders with a minimum spend of $200. Order before 12pm to receive your items the next working day.